Falsification of resumes and criminal records, is a real concern for employers. A thorough background check program helps: Identify potentially risky hires; Safeguard an organization’s reputation; Foster trust among current employees; Create a safer and more secure environment. Assess the applicability of a prospective employee, their responsibility level, assets and customer exposure.


Having prior knowledge of an employee’s criminal record is essential in assessing the risk of bringing that individual into your organization. While not every crime would automatically disqualify an applicant from being hired, having prior knowledge of a prospective hire is essential to making the right decision about your workforce.
GBS has created a network of in-house and on-the-ground researchers, and as a result GBS is able to offer comprehensive and legally compliant checks. GBS provides a wide range of search options, which aid clients to implement a criminal history background screening program that best meets their specific requirements.

Our standard background checks although can be customized to your individual or organizations needs consist of the following:

  • Address Verification
  • Criminal records checks
  • Employment history
  • Educational history
  • Identity Verification
  • Professional reference


Senior and executive directors play a key role in the success of every organization. As such it is essential to properly vet each candidate to prevent exposing an organization to grave risk.
As a result GBS has created LeadScreen, an intense executive screening and advanced verification solution designed to identify and select top management professionals for your organization. Individuals hired to head businesses or placed in other critical roles will be screened with far greater thoroughness to ensure that the senior and top executive hired is competent and compliant to Ghana’s anti-money laundering laws and other regulatory standards.

Lead Screen our more robust verification package designed for mid level and senior management consists of the following

  • Address Verification
  • Criminal checks
  • Employment History
  • Educational History
  • Identity Verification (Global Watch)
  • Professional reference
  • Credit Checks
  • International checks
  • License and certifications
  • Litigation and Bankruptcy’s
  • Social media search


GBS understands situations tend to change and as a result we have developed Stay Screened, a solution that ensures each and every employee remains complaint to an organization’s human resource and background verification policy during his or her tenure.
The standard procedure with background checks is that once an employee is screened and cleared the process ends. However, with situations and circumstances changing this can pose some risks. With Stay Screened, GBS conducts periodic checks on employees and update employers of any changes or events that do not comply with the organizations code of conduct or ethics.