Statistics have proven that about 88% of cv’s are falsified

This  is  done  to  hide  and  keep  potential  employers  from  uncovering  information  that  can  mar  or  negatively  impact  candidate’s  chances  of  getting  hired. A comprehensive check is  not  limited  to  criminal  and  educational  records  only, but  the  candidates  conduct, social  network  reference, reputation, past  employment  history, certifications, credit  history  and  place  of  residence.

To help HR partners and recruiters make informed decisions and avoid negligent hiring,

the negative impacts and cost associated with it. We have developed Emp-Verify, our enterprise platform that serves as a repository for employee work, criminal, education and address history. This solution takes away man-hours HR Partners put into responding to employee verification requests from other firms and recruiters. HR partners can place verification orders consisting criminal, employment, education, address, identity, professional certification and international database checks, review completed verification tasks, pending status, add additional requests all on one web based system accessible from anywhere or time.


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  • Enhances HR staff productivity
  • 24/7 Access to database wherever you are
  • Real time information
  • Compliance notifications
  • Dashboard: Emp-Verify’s dashboard will keep you updated from the moment a request is uploaded, with its realtime progress tracker
  • Firewall: Our network has a dedicated hardware firewall which makes the network safe, hence giving access to those authorized only.
  • Vulnerability assessment: Assessment are regularly performed to assess and detect potential areas of vulnerability and initiate appropriate fix actions.
  • IP Restriction: The application has the functionality to restrict IP to the user login.
  • SSL: We have implemented SSL protocols to encrypt all data transfer.
  • Anti-Virus: Daily anti-virus updates are installed, which is monitored by our central control panel.
  • Compliance: Facilitation of compliance required documentation.